Admittedly, Christmas is among the biggest event of the year. There is so much preparation, coming together of families and tradition that it becomes a very important event in the family calendar. Soldiers on duty may not have their loved ones physically with them, but they do enjoy themselves as much as others. As they stay on guard keeping our country free from chaos, many people honor them through heartfelt messages to lift their spirit.

Care packages sent to soldiers on duty helps to keep their Christmas mood alive. This creates a sense of happiness triggered by genuine appreciation from their loved ones, government and the nation at large. The following are tips on how to spend Christmas as a soldier on duty.

Christmas Cards

The use of Christmas cards to convey warm and encouraging messages is a time-honored tradition that cheers people up. As a soldier operating overseas or within the boundary of our nation, you should create some time to read through all the Christmas cards sent to you. Messages sent via cards help fill your love tank, especially if they came from your loved ones.

A soldier who receives a simple message from his youngest daughter saying “Dad, I am proud of you for protecting our nation, have a Merry Christmas’’ will definitely be overwhelmed with joy. Though she may not be there physically, he will feel her heartfelt appreciation. You can share your cards with your fellow soldiers in the military camp, but it’s even more fun to discuss them as a group.

Feedback Christmas Wishes

After receiving cards from your friends and loved ones, you can choose to wish them a Merry Christmas in return. Though your Christmas card may not be fancy as theirs, make sure you send them positive feedback when writing back. If you do so, you will always develop a sense of fulfillment by relating with them.

Operation Gratitude

During Christmas, and as the year comes to an end, youth groups and citizens volunteer to send care packages to our troops both locally and abroad. Some of these gifts are letters, cards, and stickers. All this is done as a sign of appreciation for the patriotism demonstrated by our soldiers. Gifts are very rare in a military camp and very precious no matter how simple they may look.

The government can express its gratitude to our troops by providing additional basic needs and other relevant equipment. Nevertheless, it can also award medals to soldiers who have performed exceptionally well as a sign of recognition. Kind gestures and giving the right encouraging words for a soldier on duty can do so much to keep the warm memories of home, friends, and family fresh in their minds.


A bonfire can be the most enjoyable event for soldiers living inside a secured camp. Even though soldiers have bonfires on a regular basis, they are not as fun as those held on Christmas Eve.  A Bonfire acts as a social square where soldiers sing military songs, a few Christmas carols and dance until morning.


Moral support is very fundamental as it assures soldiers that the public and their loved ones have a deep sense of care for them. Nowadays, military troops are allowed to read emails sent to them by their loved ones and friends. But this is only allowed during special holidays such as Christmas.  Rather than feeling isolated and lonely, these emails make them feel appreciated and wanted. This, in turn, leads to increased enthusiasm while working especially during Christmas time.

Simple Concerts

Unit and Troop leaders can organize simple concerts during Christmas to make sure soldiers have fun like everyone else. These simple and highly decorated events are so effective in making soldiers feel at ease and happy. Occasionally, troop leaders spruce things up and invite two to three musicians to usher in the Christmas mood, but concerts are only organized inside camps within the nation’s’ territory. Troop leaders should, by all means, avoid holding concerts in foreign lands where our troops may face opposition and hostility.

Church Services

Church services are always available for soldiers who like to keep it quiet and spiritual. During Christmas, members of the Christian faith are asked to lead in praise and worship as they wait on the word from a guest speaker or preacher. Church services help bring Christian soldiers closer to Jesus Christ, enjoy Christmas and focus on its real meaning.

Evidently, our troops can also enjoy themselves during Christmas while still on duty. However, the degree of enjoyment is dependent on their locale. Soldiers in harsh and hostile environment celebrate a little while soldiers in safe areas party very well. We should all take part in making the troops enjoy their Christmas by sending cards, care packages, and emails for moral support.


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